CPA Magazine  - Investing in cryptocurrencies 
   Worth Magazine  - Private equity investments
  Canadian Lawyer Magazine  - For an article on effectively using client surveys and feedback
  Personal  - The positive effects of sunlight
  CPA Magazine  - For an article on ransomware attacks
  Personal  - Look towards the light
  Washington City Paper  - Cover of the spring arts guide
  Cottage Life Magazine  - Disconnecting at the cottage
 Sour Pumpkin Beer Can
  Collective Art Brewing  - Sour Pumpkin Limited Edition Beer Can 
  Experimental  - Losing yourself
  Global Brief Magazine  - The future of Canadian foreign policy
  Stanford Social Innovation Review  - Accessing educational opportunities in prison
  CPA Magazine  - The underground economy
  Cottage Life Magazine  - For the Q&A section; a reader asks about permits for a cottage addition
  CPA Magazine  - Feature story on LinkedIn; its relevance in networking, recruiting and building connections
 The KRW Awards - Image used on show posters, programmes and tickets 
  Alberta Venture Magazine  - The growth top 50
  Personal  - Narcissism 
  CPA Magazine  - The potential impact of a minimum wage hike
  Canadian Lawyer Magazine  - Hackers interest in law firms
  Swerve Magazine  - The depression chic trend
  Alberta Venture Magazine  - Exercise improves work performance
  Hour Detroit Magazine  - Uber app
  Personal  - April showers
  CPA Magazine  - Globalization and tax risks for organizations
  Swerve Magazine  - The 'Farm to School' program
  Stanford Social Innovation Review  - The effective altruism movement 
  Personal  - The Dragon
  Research New Magazine  - Pharmaceutical advances 
  CPA Magazine  - Social Media Fraud  -  KRW Awards 2012 - GOLD  - Best Illustration
  Self Promotion  - Christmas Deer
  Gumisastay Magazine  - PSA - Drugs can kill
  Tufts Dental Magazine  - The confusion of Obamacare for the dental community
  The New York Times  - Inadequacies in the school system
  UCLA Magazine  - Travel tips 
  Professionally Speaking Magazine  - Teaching financial literacy
  Ed. Magazine  - Literacy -  American Illustration 28, Selected
  Personal  - Wringing
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